What is the name of the President or Owner of your top-performing Channel Partners?

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99Questions_standard_Page_033Made to Stick recounts a story about the power of names:

While many publishers pay lip service to the value of local focus, Adams is an extremist about it. He’s willing to hurt the bottom line for local focus. He’s willing to be boring for local focus.

In fact, asked why the Daily Record has been so successful, Adams replies, “It’s because of three things: Names, names, and names.” [emphasis mine]

Yep, names matter. A whole lot.

In fact, there’s a body of research describing what happens to our brain chemistry when we hear our own name:

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, brain activation patterns were examined in response to hearing one’s own first name in contrast to hearing the names of others. There are several regions in the left hemisphere that show greater activation to one’s own name, including middle frontal cortex, middle and superior temporal cortex, and cuneus. These findings provide evidence that hearing one’s own name has unique brain functioning activation specific to one’s own name in relation to the names of others. [emphasis mine]

Free brain-activation service

So how can you and your support team ever hope to tap into this free brain-activation service if they don’t know the names of the C-level execs and owners at your top-performing Partners?

In Question #8: Do you know the names of your top Channel Partner sales reps?—I talked about using your CRM to record important dates and other personal information for your top Channel Partner sales reps. And yes, you can do this without being a creeper.

But names are even more important.

Is it Bill, Will, William, Billy, or just “W.” Is it John or Jon? Is Caroline pronounced CARE-oh-line, CARE-uh-line, CARE-uh-lyn, CARE-oh-lyn, or CARE-uh-leen?

And once your team has mastered the names, how about knowing where your company ranks on your Channel Partners’ line cards. Are you #1 or #28?

John Fox

John Fox

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John Fox