Clients and Markets

Each one of our clients made a strategic decision take their firm in new directions. While the reasons behind their decision might be competitive pressure, management change or an entrepreneurial new venture, the priority was the same—Build an increasing base of repeat customers.

Over the past 19 years, Venture Marketing has had the privilege to provide B2B marketing strategy and research for the following organizations as their launch, re-launch, corporate renewal and growth-stage marketing partner.

Key: Launch (L), Re-Launch (R), Corporate Renewal (C), Growth-Stage (G)

Business Intelligence & Analytics
Alterian, Inc. (L)
Experian (L)
FactoryWare (L)
Informance (L)
Sage Clarity (L)

Disaster Recovery
Lightwave Crossing, LLC (L)
Doubletake Software (R)
Unitrends (C)

Display Solutions
Chicago Exhibit Productions (G)
Scala, Inc. (G)

Embedded Software
AccelChip (L)
BoostWorks (L)
Intacta (L)

Professional Services
Computer Strategy Corporation (G)
Data Structures, Inc. (L)
Esporta (G)
Funnel Metrics (L)
Growthpoint (L)
Keno Kozie (G) (L)
SD3 Corporation (L)
Tech Image (G)
XNet Information Systems (L)

Voice, Datacom, Telco, Video
Cadant, Inc. (L)
Charles Industries, Ltd. (G)
Concretio (G)
iTracs Incorporated (G)
Maminos (L)
Tellabs (G)
Verascape, Inc. (L)

Industrial Controls & Automation
Contemporary Control Systems (G)
Grid Connect (L)
HMS Industrial Networks, Inc. (G)
MechVisual Inc. (L)
Synergetic Micro Systems, Inc. (L)

American Hospital Ass’n Solutions (G)
Wells Fargo/Acordia-Somerton (G)

Industrial & Professional Products
RentalMax, LLC (L)
Summit Industries (G)

Incentive Research Foundation (G)
University of Illinois, EMBA (L)

Application Software
Applied Payment Corporation (L), Inc. (L)
Collatus (L)
Computer Adaptive Technologies (R)
Electronic Wisdom, LLC (L)
Geodesic Systems, Inc. (G)
Mercantec (L)
OpTelCon (L)
Orbit Commerce, Inc. (L)
Ordinal Logistics (L)
QVtech, Inc. (L)
SPSS, Inc. (L)
Swingtide (L)

People Performance Management
The Certif-A-Gift Company (C)
Tele-Comp Inc. (C)

Canary Wireless (L)
Nobbits (C)
Refernet (L)