Raving Fans Speak Up

 “While a small, growing organization like ours with a great story to tell could have kept an army of marketing people busy for years, I appreciate the way you concentrated on the important things—those activities that would drive revenue.

 Far beyond just the graphics and publications your staff so creatively crafted for us, our interchange with you raised the energy level of the entire marketing staff and caused us to examine the way we thought of ourselves and the services we provide and how we convey the concepts behind them to potential clients.

 Equally important to us was the benefit we gained by enlisting your expertise and the dynamic, playbook based strategy you employed in helping us design unique approaches to individual prospects.  In particular, your coaching our marketing team on a major university account contributed very directly to Somerton being selected as its Broker of Record.”

—Larry R. Somerton
Chief Executive Officer
Somerton Student Insurance Services, Inc.


“John is a great guy. Excellent marketing sense. John’s business and work ethics are Top Notch. An excellent person to help your business grow and do business with. A class act…”

—Bob Pommer
President at The Nescom Group & Chairman and Founder at Optelcon


“Great guy to have on your team, great work, really understands getting a small business going.”

—Tim Krauskopf
CFO, Gemini Traffic Sales, Inc.


 “You really get it. You seem to feed off of my passion and are great at asking questions in order to thoroughly understand our mission. Your consistent project follow-through, from concept to execution, allows us to concentrate on running and growing our business.”

—Merle Giles
Director, Executive MBA Program
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


“Venture Marketing understood our technology and how to effectively portray who we are and what benefits we provide. You faced an overwhelming amount of material and boiled the information down to a unique corporate message. Because of you and your top-notch team, Alterian is reaching the right market with the right message…and enjoying greater success than we had anticipated.”

—Kirk Fallbacher, VP of Marketing


“As our marketing partner, Venture Marketing understood our technology and how to effectively portray who NSI is and what benefits we provide. Your staff quickly went from research, to message development, to ad placement…The subsequent “Yellow Tape” media campaign (which included ads, direct mail, tradeshows and more) was very successful and increased NSI’s visibility in the marketplace. The magazine awards, survey rankings and response rates all attest to this.”

—Donald E. Beeler, Jr.
Chairman and CEO
NSI Software, Inc.

“You understood our technology, recognized the potential and made us larger than life. Every aspect of our marketing, from trade show signs to press kits and cd mailer to datasheets and brochures, was tied together in design and copy for a unified look and feel that has allowed us to develop brand awareness. FactoryWare sales have grown significantly since we first started working with your team—we couldn’t have done it without the image you created for us.”

—John Oskin
Informance International (formerly, FactoryWare, Inc.)


“I measure the value of any consultant based on how well his or her recommendations age over time—Yours have certainly exceeded my standard. I find myself still referencing the plan you developed for Scala, even a year later. It continues to deliver important insight and provide the direction we need to take our business to the next level. My sincere thanks.”

—Richard F. Trask
Director of Marketing
Scala Broadcast Multimedia