Marketing Playbook Endorsements

Advocates of its Process for Measurable Outcomes

“Blitz! The secret of success in business is not the facts, it’s breaking through the defenses that keep us doing what we’ve always done before. In this breakthrough format, John Fox has figured out how to outsmart even the stickiest defense.”

—Seth Godin
Author, Purple Cow and All Marketers are Liars

“The Marketing Playbook is the fuel Rainmakers use to jump hurdles in the sales cycle.”

—Guy Kawasaki
Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures and
Author of The Art of the Start


“From trademarks and streaming video to trade show promotions and PR buzz, every single page condenses years of experience into a straightforward set of instructions, with resources and road-tested vendors you can use to execute your plan. I think this text has real potential to become a classic marketing book.

Every marketing, PR or marcom person can get significant value (and fresh ideas) from this in as little as five minutes. This isn’t just a re-hash of standard marketing practices, although it’s a useful resource for that; many of these tips are new and innovative media approaches that few companies are using.”

—Perry Marshall
Author, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords
Recognized Google AdWords Guru


“WARNING: Do not read The Marketing Playbook late at night—your mind will be so jammed with stuff to do—you won’t be able to sleep. Buy it.   Read it.   Take action on the advice.   Or else—stop whining about your marketing problems…”

—Doug Hall, Eureka! Ranch CEO
Author of Jump Start Your Business Brain


 “Fox has put his finger on one of the key problems of business today—getting sales and marketing to work together. The Marketing Playbook is a highly creative solution to an age-old problem.”

—Al Ries
Co-author, The Origin of Brands and The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing


“The Marketing Playbook takes you inside the minds of marketing’s best and brightest. It gives you insights and ideas to fuel your business’ growth.”

—Rieva Lesonsky
Editorial Director
Entrepreneur Magazine


“Marketing theories are more common than mosquitoes at a picnic. But practical, how-to advice on getting started with marketing tactics is less common. This incredibly appealing book dissects marketing practices into easy-to-understand plays that any business owner, marketing manager or entrepreneur should find valuable.”

—Ben McConnell, Co-author of Creating Customer
Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force


 “The Marketing Playbook provides well-thought-out, accessible cookbook of marketing ideas that can help marketers understand and implement strategic promotion ‘plays’ with other members of their sales team. Strongly recommended.”

—Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
Editor, Web Marketing Today


“The Marketing Playbook is THE textbook on Guerrilla Marketing!”

—Erik Thompson
Inventor of The Catch
endorsed by Jerry Rice—on ABC TV’s AMERICAN INVENTOR, Spring 2006


 “The Marketing Playbook is a must read for anyone who is involved in marketing or wants to build a business. It is a practical, no-nonsense set of extremely valuable marketing activities ranging from strategic to tactical. Most can be easily implemented, and yield immediate results. Need to boost your business? Pick up the book and try a new Play!”

—Jordan Ayan
CEO & Founder, SubscriberMail, LLC
Author, Aha! 10 Ways to Free your Creative Spirit and Find Your Great Ideas


“Usually the people in marketing are from Mars and sales folks are from Venus. Finally, a book that finds the common language for both sides. Each page is a quick way to get key activities started especially on limited time and budget. I found myself tearing out pages as I read so I could follow up on the resources Fox describes!”

—Barry Moltz
Speaker and Author of You Need To Be A little Crazy:
The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Business


“For every great idea that John Fox has packed into the Marketing Playbook, a dozen more are stimulated. John puts a new spin on an old parable by both fishing for you, and also teaching you to fish. The easy-to-use format illustrates the symbiotic nature of marketing and sales that work to create the customer experience and define ultimate success.”

—Jim Paglia
Customer Experience and Brand Strategist
In’s & Out’s, Inc., President/CEO


“ As very early stage investors, we tend to see our companies get a lot of very tactical sales advice and very strategic marketing assistance. This book provides tactical, usable marketing ideas that can have immediate impact.”

—Tom Churchwell
Arch Development Partners


“John’s book is full of practical advice for anyone wondering why their sales and marketing team may not be effective. This book focuses on the fundamentals. Yet, it is these simple activities that get in the way of good single-minded and focused customer delivery.”

—Cathy Jaros
Managing Director
DSI Investment Banking Services, Inc.


 “John Fox has written a visual encyclopedia of marketing that’s unlike any other marketing book I’ve seen.”

—Ben McConnell in his blog post
Co-Author, Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become a
Volunteer Sales Force


“Think of all the time you’ll save by having all of this information in one spot.”

—Todd Sattersten


 “Pound for pound this book [the Marketing Playbook] is packed with more practical knowledge than anything I’ve ever seen.”

—Rob May
Editor, Business


 “The Marketing Playbook gives you the vexing issues of marketing in USA Today style: Pithy, clean, informed and valuable. Now let me add one play to the list that Fox doesn’t mention: Buy this book for friend, they’ll thank you. And when they rave about it, you’ll know it’s time for you to buy your own copy.”

—T.S. Peric’
Editorial Director, B2B Marketing Trends


“A true classic. Easily one of the most practical and immediately useful books on marketing ever written. Excellent graphics are used to visually present “102 marketing plays to get your sales team across the goal line. And these plays will.”

—Advertising & Marketing Review Bookshelf


“If there is one book that every marketing department should have it’s John M. Fox’ MARKETING PLAYBOOK—The Manual for Growing Organizations. This marketing manual features ‘102 of the best marketing plays to get your sales team across the goal line.’”

—James T. Berger
Editor, The Wiglaf Journal


“Marketing Playbook: A book of solid tips for anyone trying to start and/or run a business. It uses the “playbook” metaphor to bring 102 tips (on 102 pages) for doing anything you can imagine.”

—Carson McComas


“5-Stars! …Devoid of technical jargon, verbiage and redundancy, fundamental [marketing] principles are broken down into understandable messages that anyone can easily follow. The Marketing Playbook is as informative as it is fun.”

—Norm Goldman


“The Marketing Playbook is distinguished as a top-quality reference and resource for marketing professionals.”

—James A. Cox
Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review


“Fox’s Marketing Playbook is one book I keep on my desk at all times—close at-hand when I need a spark for a new marketing idea my sales team can use to break through the clutter.”

—Howard Diamond
Director of Sales, Coe-Truman Technologies, Inc.