(side project)

Tweet to create a personalized, printable Valentine’s card. Free!

How to Tweet your Valentine’s card:

1. Tweet your greeting like this:

2. The Hashtag selects 1 of 3 cover designs (#oxo, #xox, #xxo):

3. Open your message from us (@myVDayCard), download your Valentine’s card (PDF), print it, fold it and take it with you on your date!

4. Let us know what you think!

John Fox

John Fox

CEO - Founder at Venture Marketing
I’m an experienced, revenue-focused, B2B marketing leader especially devoted to the success of the direct and channel sales rep. After all, at the pivotal moment of truth—when reps meet one-on-one with qualified decision-makers—everything the company has put in place to make this meeting happen will be measured.
John Fox