How to Forecast Channel Partner Revenue

Before my good friend, colleague and resident Channel Sales expert, Frank Thomas, retired this year, we recorded a teleseminar about forecasting revenue through indirect channels.

Forecasting channel revenue is about as enjoyable as a root canal and as accurate as Shaq’s freethrow. For many of us, it’s a guessing game.

In this teleseminar, Frank shares his system.

I’ve provided free downloads to the teleseminar mp3, the transcript (pdf) and his PLV Sales Channel Scoring System self-assessment (pdf). (No registration necessary)

Sales Channel Scoring System using PLV (Performance, Loyalty, Visibility)

Do you sell through indirect sales channels? Are your channel partners zapping your support staff, or are they leading the charge with ever increasing revenue? Are you able to forecast your channel partner revenue?

If any of these are hot button items for you and your sales and marketing team, you’ll get a lot out of this teleseminar and the 1-page Sales Channel Scoring system (self-assessment).

PLV system self-assessment

Frank’s Sales Channel Scoring System will:

  • Help you quickly assess how will you’re managing your indirect sales
  • Guide you to take appropriate actions
  • Get you back on track by doing tested methods
  • Give you the metrics for measuring channel performance
  • Pinpoint the gaps
  • And more…
John Fox

John Fox

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John Fox


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