99 Questions Endorsements

Smart People Who Also Know the Power of The RIGHT Question at the RIGHT Time

“The provocative questions in this book are guaranteed to get you thinking about how you can help your Channel Partners (and ultimately you) be much more successful today.”

—Jill Konrath
Author of Snap Selling and Selling To Big Companies


“You can read through this book in 20 minutes, but you can (and should) think about its questions for years. Companies who take John’s 99 Questions seriously, answer them thoughtfully and execute on those answers will see their channel business accelerate dramatically because they’ll be thinking about success through their partners’ eyes. As a journalist who regularly writes about channel programs, I’ll be using my copy of this book like a cheat sheet of questions for upcoming interviews with channel executives.”

—Scott Bekker
Editor In Chief, Redmond Channel Partner Magazine


“99 Questions” does not provide any answers, but will certainly facilitate the right conversations to create a successful channel strategy for your company. While John suggests spending two years discussing one question each week at your staff meetings, why wait? Commit your team to answering the first 50 this month, and your business and channel partners can begin achieving greater success while you answer the rest.”

—Howard Jacob
Channel Solutions Account Manager, Intel Americas, Inc.


“John is one of the few people who speaks with authority about B2B sales channels, distribution and channel conflicts—and who simultaneously understands online marketing, direct marketing and the rigors of small business. When you must combine those fields of expertise there are few who can match him. I urge you to hang on his every word.”

—Perry Marshall
PerryMarshall.com (10,000+ Affiliate Channel Partners)


“John Fox has topped his landmark book “Marketing Playbook”, with his “99 Questions to Jump Start Your Channel Partner Brain”. These 99 thought-lasers will energize both your marketing and channel growth dramatically. Buy it! Try it!”

—Jim Cecil, Chairman
Co-Founder of Nurture Marketing, Inc.


“These 99 Questions will help you walk that all important mile in the shoes of your channel partners and finally understand what it takes to make them, and you, a channel success.”

—Nic Windley
Author of 14 Secrets of Sales and Marketing Integration that Maximise Business Development


“If you are a Channel Manager this is a tool that will help you execute and help your Channel Partners be more successful. Questions like #23 or #76 are spot on. These are 99 Questions that every Channel Manager needs to ask themselves and their team.”

—G.A. Bartick
President of Outsell Consulting & Author of Silver Bullet Selling


“Our success always hinged on the simple issue of partner mind share, that is, having our partners focus or think more about our products than others on their line card. This required us to better train and understand how partners think and act. As a result we became vested in the success of our partners as they became extensions of us. This win-win attitude starts with you the CEO, if your team doesn’t understand working with Channel Partners as well as you would like try John Fox’s 99 Questions to Jump Start Your Partner Channel Brain as your guide.”

—Sterling Wharton
Director At Zeewise and Search3.com


“John Fox understands channel sales. Within ‘99 Questions to Jump Start Your Partner Channel Brain’ he provides thought provoking questions that he has had to ponder throughout his extensive career on the front lines. He eliminates those, “I wish I had thought of that before now” moments with questions such as ‘WHAT ONE RULE IN YOUR PARTNER PROGRAM IS MOST ANNOYING TO YOUR CHANNEL PARTNERS?’ If you want to grow and scale your business using independent distribution channels, I recommend you buy this book.”

—Miles Austin
Fill The Funnel, Inc.


“Channel sales is challenging and often characterized by misaligned expectations. John’s 99 Questions is a trove of key questions that you and your team can use to uncover issues, understand your partner’s mindset and ultimately, craft successful programs.”

—Grant Wickes
VP Business Development, Wasp Barcode Technologies


“In John Fox’s book 99 Questions to Jump Start Your Partner Channel Brain, John created the blueprint for a custom business plan for the Reseller. By simply providing detailed answers to his questions you are well on your way to creating a successful reseller business. I plan on sending a copy to our technical reseller customers and prospects and incorporating John’s business development template into our Nurture Marketing consulting practice.”

—Eric Rabinowitz
Senior Partner, Nurture Marketing, Inc.


“In a time when recession has hit, margins are down and channels are questioned, taking stock check and finding rapid new ways to think and invigorise your Channel Sales is essential. John’s quick hit ideas should be put in front of all your sales people, new and seasoned, to get energised selling flowing again.”

—Ian Moyse
Channel Director EMEA, Webroot Software, Inc.


“Your concise, common-sense questions provoke the type of practical thinking that can transform a business, encouraging immediate and positive action.”

—Roger C. Parker


“Thought provoking and exposes all of the nooks and crannies that prevent, delay and contribute to bad channel partner decisions.”

—Steven Amiel
President, MMI Solutions


“You nailed it John! A must read for anyone managing channels, and that includes affiliate marketing channels.”

—Peter Koning


“John Fox has been an innovative sales and marketing person for the 20+ years I have known him. He is always ahead of the current trends and has always produced results. His new book on sales channels brings a new look and set of challenges to the way business is done”

 —Mike Justice
President, Grid Connect Inc.


 “John Fox has a cleverly created a new schema to address the complex issues involved in managing channel partner relationships. It’s not just about knowing the answers to the questions, but in knowing the questions themselves. In doing so, John provides real, revealing insights into how build successful channel programs. I believe there is tremendous insight to be gained from John’s book and his approach to channel strategy.”

—Terence Walsh
Sales Transformation Expert, MBA4Sales.com


“John Fox knows what keeps channel marketers up at night. ‘99 Questions’ is an invaluable tool for exploring and improving your relationship with your partners.”

—Steve Greene
CEO, Alpha Marketing


“In a word, this book is practical. To use more words, I would add essential, efficient and effective. I’ve both been the channel and to have sold to and through channels for most of my career. These 99 Questions hit home for me. Building a channel program that drives revenue is critical for survival in many industries. John has provided a toolkit to help you think like your channel partner and to create a program that will drive revenue. If I have to pick just one, #25 is my favorite.”

—Denise Deverelle Crown


“As a practicing Private Professional Business Mentor for more than forty years, I can honestly say that answering these 99 Questions will go a long way toward insuring the focus and direction of the business relationship.”

—Michael Ord