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“Getting past the gatekeeper” used to be the problem. Now, when customers look for a new vendor, 78% of the time they start with Google.

So when a prospective customer Google’s “YOUR keyphrase,” are you on page 1?

This led us to develop FreeSEOScorecard, a simple SEO scorecard/checklist anyone could use without knowing any SEO/HTML jargon.

Hope it helps you spot web page errors that prevent Google from sending you all the traffic you deserve.

Written by Venture Marketing’s president, John Fox, the Marketing Playbook condenses 25+ years of B2B Sales & Marketing success into an easy to follow, how-to manual. For each and every Marketing Play, you get the strategy, personnel assignments, trusted vendors, examples, typical costs and the benefit of hands-on, field experience.

The Marketing Playbook gives you everything you need for your Sales Team to See More, Sell More and Keep More Customers!

Clearly, it is no longer possible for a company to reach any level of success without a marketing strategy that stimulates customer conversation and builds buyer trust and confidence from the first click. Without such a plan, your company remains invisible to potential buyers—cheating your sales reps out of revenue opportunities that are rightfully theirs.

But where do you start? How do you formulate a marketing plan that actually helps the sales force see more prospective customers, sell more customers and keep more existing customers coming back for more?

Answering these questions is the purpose of this eBook.

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While there are certainly more than 5 management Blunders that unintentionally (or intentionally) cause sales impotence, these are the Top 5 Blunders I’ve witnessed over the past 30 years—and God forbid—committed myself.

But I don’t want you to think I’m some pundit sitting over in the bleachers, criticizing from afar. If it’s one thing we don’t need more of in this crazy world is more critics! Rather, my observations come from being an active, street-level participant in the revenue generation process.

And that goes for my recommendations for fixing these Top 5 Blunders. Let’s face it—we don’t need another speech, more pert charts, another “new” attempt at integrating SalesForce.com or the wholesale slaughter of our distribution channels.

What I’m recommending is a return of inspirational leadership, delineation of duties and systematic marketing support for the sales team. So, let’s get back to the basics, folks. Let’s start solving our customer’s problems and aligning our sales and marketing efforts around this one simple objective.

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