B2B Marketing Transformed

The objective of our work: Your sales reps winning more deals—faster—at the Pivotal Moment of Truth—when it’s just them and the customer, one-on-one.

What’s Your #1 Priority?

If you were forced to make a choice, what would you rather have?

(A) Marketing that puts more unqualified leads in the top of the funnel.
(B) Marketing that improves your sales reps’ win-rate.

We believe the #1 priority is (B) — Maximizing your win-rate by arming your sales reps with disruptive, challenger marketing strategies that compel customers and channel partners to re-examine how they currently do things and consider new alternatives.

If you agree with us, read on…

Here’s the scenario

You’re a CEO with a truly remarkable product. How remarkable? When your sales reps meet qualified decision-makers, the reaction is ALWAYS, “Huh, I never thought of it that way before. That’s a very clever solution! Let’s talk.”

Your team wins at least 45-65% of these opportunities (a terrific batting average, btw). Your problem is that your sales reps aren’t getting enough meetings like this.

Building and transforming a marketing department so it systematically creates more meetings with qualified decision-makers—is the Secret Weapon of serious, growth-oriented CEOs and anyone leading a corporate renewal initiative.

And that’s what we do.

How we help CEOs…

If you want to:

  • Listen to your customers via unbiased, third-party customer and market research
  • Generate opportunity pipelines for sales and channel partners
  • Recruit, build and develop your own marketing team
  • Get an unbiased, candid review of your marketing and sales enablement programs
  • Jumpstart marketing with a sales-focused, interim CMO

…we can help starting today

We’re passionate, hands-on B2B marketing leaders and sales producers with 30 years of experience working on both the corporate and consulting side of the table. We encourage you to take the initiative to connect so we can explore how we can help. Starting today.


  • Understanding the Pre-click Conversation in Your Buyer’s Head (Research)
  • Driving Top-Line Revenue through Direct and Indirect Channels—VAR, Independent Rep, Distributor, OEM, Licensee, Franchisee (Strategy)
  • SMB, growth initiatives and corporate renewal
  • Interim B2B Marketing, CMO/VP Marketing
  • Simplifying Complex Technology
  • Examples, Templates, Procedures, Systems
  • Sales enablement/Challenger Marketing
  • Content Marketing, SEO
  • Knowing What To Do When (and How)
  • Recruiting, Team Leadership, Coaching

Contact us about anything B2B marketing, SMB, channel partner and Interim CMO oriented. Especially if you’re a subject-matter expert and CEO interested in proven strategies and techniques to derive revenue as a result of on-target, content-focused marketing consider this as your invitation to connect with us.

We’re open to interim assignments, consulting in many areas related to B2B marketing. We’ve worked in a number of technology-intensive industries and typically ramp up very quickly with new assignments.