What’s Really In Your Sales Pipeline?

Build the Bridge To The Sales Pipeline You’ve Been Missing

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Do You Know What’s Really In Your Sales Pipeline?

That’s the first question we ask of all prospective customer CEOs. Sadly, most cannot answer the question. They may know the number, but generally fail to know the details.

We are the only B2B marketing agency devoted to the customer’s Sales Pipeline. What goes in the top, what falls out along the way, the overall close-rate, qualification rate, response speed and many other metrics tell us the story of the future success (or failure) of the company. It’s a story about the executive leadership and their desire to set meaningful goals and achieve them.

If those 99 words resonate with you, and if you want to create a collaborative spirit between Sales and Marketing — even if you have no marketing team currently, or your current marketing team needs direction — let’s talk.

Sure, we could go on and on about all of the work we’ve done, how we’ve returned better than a 10:1 return on marketing spend, created executive dashboards so leadership is always in the loop, improved lead quality and the number of meetings with qualified decision makers, designed beautiful websites that convert prospects to customers, created direct mail campaigns (yes, direct mail is still alive and well) that also have a 10:1 return — all while creating a sense of teamwork across all departments, and coaching junior marketing staff to one day run the department solo. But candidly, there are many agencies who specialize in each one of these. Our value is that we bring all of it together under the banner of the sales pipeline.

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Our Specialty: Unite Sales and Marketing! We Build the Bridge To The Sales Pipeline You’ve Been Missing.

We excel in capturing the intricacies of complex products and services and translating them into sales-driven marketing campaigns measured in meetings with qualified decision-makers. We’re more than just an agency; we’re your strategic partners. Our specialty lies in enhancing the capabilities of your existing marketing team, making them sharper and more attuned to the unique language of your industry, ensuring they soar with clarity and purpose. By forging a robust bridge between your sales and marketing departments, every customer insight is leveraged, every campaign resonates. Experience the synergy where collaboration becomes your competitive advantage.

Who We Work With

Specializing in family-owned manufacturers with revenues of $10 to $75 million, selling products and services directly to industrial and commercial companies as well as through distributors who concentrate on smaller accounts.

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Still need more? Is this your story?

You’ve achieved steady revenue growth over the last 3 years. Your sales team reports to your vice-president of sales. Also reporting to you is a marketing manager who is responsible for the website, trade shows, any online and print advertising, social media posting, printed and digital sales materials, PowerPoint presentations, as well as the ad hoc needs of the sales team. Basically, whatever the sales team needs, your marketing manager does their utmost to meet those needs. The marketing manager is not technical, and so, does not understand the nuances of the product line and why a particular feature or function is important. The marketing manager has no sales experience, no background in distribution, and no experience in competitive analysis, SWOT, public relations, project management, direct mail, online user experience, coding a desktop or mobile website, analytics, building dashboards, and no background in offline and online advertising.

While your marketing manager performs their job well, it seems clear to you that they lack the experience to create and implement a cohesive strategy with fresh (and perhaps out-of-the-box) ideas that meet the current lead-generation needs of your sales team as well as a scalable strategy for future consistent year-over-year revenue growth that you, personally, greatly desire.

There is no system for marketing project management. None of the current marketing initiatives (or projects) have a defined “standard operating procedure” which causes unnecessary stress within the marketing and sales departments, especially when a deadline is approaching or is missed altogether.

Project Management Overwhelmed

You are seeking a more effective approach for your marketing department. Your desire is to have a marketing team that knows how to effectively listen to the sales team and comprehend and communicate competitive differentiators in the products and services you sell. You are frustrated that your marketing team isn’t capable of having technical conversations with your sales team and customers. What should take one conversation, takes many, for you and your sales team to explain something (e.g., customer project details) in order for your marketing department to then communicate key attributes to customers in marketing materials, ads, and the website.

If your sales leaders had a shopping list for their dream marketing team, we believe the top-5 things would be:


1. Technical Acumen & Product Understanding

Experience working with technical products and services, preferably in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. An ability to quickly grasp the nuances of a product’s features and its importance, would give you confidence they could communicate effectively with sales teams and customers.

2. Strategic Growth Expertise

A proven record of devising and executing growth strategies for businesses similar in size and challenges. You’d like to learn about fresh, innovative ideas that were turned into marketing strategies, leading to measurable year-over-year growth.

3. Comprehensive Project Management Capabilities

Project management tools and methodologies and expertise in writing standard operating procedures, emphasizing the ease of handover for recurring projects.

4. Sales-Centric Marketing Integration

Bridging of the gap between sales and marketing, understanding that the two departments are interdependent with one common goal. Listening to the on-the-ground sales intel about customers and competitors and translating those into actionable marketing strategies with clear communication of your competitive differentiators.

5. Professional Development & Mentoring

A willingness to mentor and commitment to upskill your inside marketing team, ensuring long-term growth and self-reliance.

Beyond these key bullet points, adaptability, willingness to immerse themselves in your client’s industry, and a commitment to a partnership approach would be especially appealing. And of course, all of the necessary skills and capabilities mentioned above that work together to get more meetings with qualified decision-makers.